5 Of Our Favourite Things in Ireland, Recently

Text: Izzy Copestake

We couldn’t let some of our favourite things from the past couple of weeks fall through the cracks. From huge co-signs to debuts from Irish djs in the world’s most iconic clubs, here’s just a few of the highlights worth paying attention to.


Fred Again.. Spinning SHEE’s New Track

Irish DJ SHEE is on the rise. Over the summer he shelled festival slots all over the country and right now, he’s touring with Barry Can’t Swim as he celebrates his Top 20 debut album. Last week, his upward trajectory got a nitrous boost with Fred Again.. spinning ‘Get Loose’ at his LA show. Not too shabby.


EMA Makes Berghain Debut

In a list of things you love to see, this is up there! This month, EMA made her Berghain debut. As co-founder of Skin&Blister, founder of label Woozy and booker for Yamamori Tengu, EMA has built a strong community in Ireland. This show alongside other recent gigs in Manchester, London and Portugal highlight that she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Image credit: EMA by @lpbaptista


Megan Thee Stallion Wears Rashhiiid

Dublin designer Rashhiiid is no stranger to big co-signs. Doja Cat is a long time fan of her work, but it’s Megan Thee Stallion that came through next to show love, becoming the first to don her ‘Treacherous Toes‘.


Spicebag Raises $10,000 for Palestine

We know that Spice bag’s An Phalaistín football Scarf goes hard, but it’s also for a worthy cause. Just three weeks after announcing the scarf, featuring an Irish pro-Palestine crest inspired by the 1986-1990 FAI logo, over $10,000 dollars have been donated to Palestine Red Crescent.


6 Years of Club Comfort

Clear your calendars, Club Comfort turn’s 6 this month and they’re celebrating. Over the past 6 years, Club Comfort have cultivated a diverse and devoted community through a focus on group experiences and quite simply: doing fun differently. The birthday party will be held in Tengu on November 25 and it’s not one you’ll want to miss.