Our Favourite Acts You Can Only Catch In Ireland At All Together Now

Words: Dray Morgan

We’re already staring longingly at our calendar and counting down the days until 1 August when All Together Now grace our presence and we witness one of the most diverse lineups of the year. If you’re asking yourself why make the pilgrimage down to Waterford, let us enlighten you with some acts you won’t catch anywhere else. Click here to grab tickets to All Together Now.



Witnessing ‘When the Sun Hits’ as the sun regresses behind the Curraghmore Ground hills might, just be the most aesthetic thing to ever exist. Slowdive have had us in our feels for over 30 years now, still converting newer generations into shoegaze fanatics. Try and tell us this isn’t perfect music for frolicking in a Waterford valley. The group are still releasing ear-pleasing, heart-crushing works, with their most recent in 2023 with ‘everything is alive’.


Floating Points

One of the most fitting names in electronic music. Those who wish to ascend during their festival experience and then be brought crashing back down to earth by basslines, this is the one for you. Floating Points is a master of deception, he makes you think you’re enjoying a nice ambient set when all of a sudden you’re zapped by some acidic hook. Known for his lighting and engulfing multimedia slots, this has the power to change some folks’ brain chemistry.


Jorja Smith

Quintessentially Summer. You could be stuck in the Arctic and feel like you’re on a beach as long as you have a playlist full of Jorja on you. A voice that moves hips like the audience is on strings, Jorja Smith is a welcome addition to any festival lineup. More so, one in such a picturesque setting, creating the idyllic perfect sunny storm. Don’t get us wrong though, we’re ready to shed a tear too at some of those soulful cuts.