You Can Now Rate Your Landlord Online

Text: Izzy Copestake

The platform ‘Rate The Landlord’ has gone viral in Canada and Australia. Created initially by two anonymous Reddit users, fed up with poor treatment as tenants, the site is now being launched in Ireland. We chatted to the developers, and the anonymous man behind the Irish launch.

Renting in Ireland in 2024 can feel like nothing short of a hellscape. From a mold epidemic, to illegal evictions and stolen deposits – it’s easy to feel helpless at the hands of the ever-mighty landlord. To make matters worse, renting tenants are often required to part ways with personal information to even get a look-in at renting. Whether it’s references, bank statements, proof of employment and character, when you begin a lease you often know far less about your landlord than they know about you. If information is power, then the rental situation in Ireland leaves tenants pretty helpless.

Today, this is going to change. Rate The Landlord has already launched in Canada, Australia, and the UK, and enables tenants to share experiences with particular landlords or letting agencies, to empower tenants through availability of information, and hold landlords accountable for their actions.

The site operates anonymously; users only need to provide the name of their landlord or property management company and the city where they’re located. They are then prompted to leave a rating between 1 and 5 for categories such as Repair, Health and Safety, Rental Stability, Tenant Privacy and Respect, along with a written review.

Kellen W, a Software Developer who helped to create the site told District “Overall the response has been very positive. But obviously there is a large contingent of landlords who aren’t super happy about the existence of the site. At the end of the day, we’ve always taken the stance that: (as with any business) if you are going good, you have nothing to worry about in terms of reviews.”

J, Software engineer & CATU member reached out to the developers after being evicted from his house in Ireland. He had been active in his local tenants union, and approached Kellen W to kickstart the process of bringing Rate The Landlord in Ireland. “I think information is really important”, J told District. “And I do think you have to marry information and action.”

We asked J what he would say to anyone who is thinking of using the site. “I would say be as open and as honest as possible. We aren’t here to judge, please share your experiences – whether positive or negative.”

The site isn’t just reviews of landlords. It also includes resources to help you fight back, through legal options and unionisation.

Rate your landlord here